Time recording made easy

With the time recording Nanotime you not only record your working hours quite easily, but you always know where you stand in your projects and what needs to be done and when.



With the Dashboard you always have the current status of your working time under control.


Time clock

With the time clock, you can record your work to the minute, immediately and easily.



All recorded times can be called up in a list grouped by day.



You can easily manage your projects via a list.



You can record tasks for each project and easily manage them via a listing.

place of work

Places of work

You can manage your places of work easily via a list in the settings.


Import - Export

You can import data already entered at other locations or export data from Nanotime at any time.



Import as well as export of data, you can automate. So you can, for example, Automatically save your times on your OneDrive every night.



There are several options to adapt the time recording to your needs.

Start time recording with Nanotime Light

With the time recording Nanotime Light, the first version of the app for Android and iOS is now available for free. It is a one-seat version which runs completely on the mobile device. No network connection is needed. Nevertheless, you can exchange data via the import-export function.

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Further development

Experience shows us that no product is perfect. Every user has different expectations and different requirements. Therefore Nanotime should grow together with the requirements of the users.

Please let us know your requirements, demands and ideas. If possible, we will take these into account in our further development.



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